Day 10 (30 Days, 30 Pages, 30 Pictures)

Sep 24, 2012 by

Tongue In Cheek

William Hanksrum  aka “Brick”, as indicated on his mandatory societal individualization youth index quotient, otherwise known as MSIYIQ, (pronounced Missy-Yik) Awoke to the carefully customized psychological individualized  melodic non-startling tones coming out of his “info slate” before they reached the self imposed audio limit. If it reached the peak before he climbed out of bed and punched in the code to quite it, he would be in breach of the restricted sleep term and have to suffer through 10 minutes of auto lecture and that was truly no way to start your day. Besides today was the day. He couldn’t believe it had snuck up on him this quickly. It seemed like just yesterday it was a month ago and he had all the time in the world. The universe was funny that way. It played tricks on you. One day you had all the time in the world, the next, BAM!, game on! That feeling you get just after the rollercoaster crests the peak of its climb and plummets toward the ground hit him suddenly.  He wasn’t ready, all the research, long conversations with his peers, hundreds of visited blogs on the subject seemed trivial. This was it. After today there was only going forward. He couldn’t hit the pause game button or replay.  He grabbed his slate punched in his user ID and it sprang to life. He hit the tab for his morning schedule and there it was in glowing letters.  Happy 16th Birthday.

CRAP! He thought, just as his mom yelled up from the first floor. “Brick, come on honey you don’t want to be late.” “Brick” Why “ Brick” he thought, why not something cool like Storm or Lance but the MSIYIQ indicated according to his personality and aptitude tests as well as the most recent multi-level satisfaction survey of youth age 10 to 18, Brick was a perfect fit. So Brick it was until his 18th birthday then the results of the new survey would brand him anew. As he was thinking about the events that were about to unfold, he finished messaging “Bed Head, {with extra hold}” into his hair, combed it perfectly straight then proceeded to muss it up until he achieved the perfectly calculated effect of looking like he just  woke up and rolled out of bed. He glanced at his “info slate” and smiled, only 30 minutes. Not bad. Maybe he should become a stylist.

He wasn’t looking forward to the ride to the bodymod shop located in an annex of the local coffee pep. He knew what he wanted but couldn’t decide on which part of the body to get it. Your first object of cultural youth expression or CYE (pronounced SEEYA) was of paramount importance. It let the world know that you were a rugged individualist going your own way.  Now if only he could figure out which of the four recommended locations he should put his Inuit eagle. The eagle had a 59% acceptance rank with his youth demographic and that would score him some points with his crew.

He would be glad when this day was over. He really needed to start planning where he wanted to get his first of nine, sexually awakened indicator piercings if he wanted to stay on his indexed youth development schedule and avoid noncompliance from the schools self expression fashion rubric.

(to be continued)

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