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People ask me why I’m into science fiction. I’m not entirely sure. I enjoy documentaries, biographies and stories based on real life events but none of them engage me like a story founded purely in fiction. Why Science Fiction? It might have something to do with the fact that within that specific genre the possibility exists for elements of a particular story to come true. The dreamer in me likes that.

I just read an article about a team from MIT that invented what they refer to as the “HypoSpray” from Star Trek (the original series). We’ve had forced air injection since I was a kid but the difference with the new device is it can be tuned to skin type and variable as well as mixed dosage. Kind of cool. Forty years ago the thought of everyone having a personal mobile communications device that is also a mobile computer the size of a deck of playing cards, wirelessly hooked into the largest information exchange system ever created was ridiculous. Yet here we are and it was predicted.

I love dreamers. I love dreamers that make their dreams come true even more. One of my favorite authors when I was young was Harlan Ellison.  He never liked the term science fiction writer. He always referred to himself as a speculative fiction writer. The main difference being a science fiction writer takes a known area of study and extrapolates what a future might be like based on series technological leaps founded on those ideas or theories. A speculative fiction writer doesn’t place constraints on themselves. They dream of a future based on many aspects of science and society. Both build worlds.  Both see a future. Like Ellison; I don’t like constraint.

In modern Sci-Fi the lines have been blurred and the genre further subdivided. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but what was once considered Sci-Fi often finds itself in the classic section or sometimes straight fiction. I’ve been enjoying cyberpunk for quite awhile but I can’t seem to get into Steampunk, although the fashion is kind of cool. Steampunk’s focus is placed in the past, kind of an alternate reality and that’s okay but it has no bearing on our future it’s more of a mental exercise and doesn’t inspire. So I guess it comes down to this; for me Sci-Fi has the ability to create worlds I would like to live in and inspires me to try to achieve aspects of them.

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